Welcome to BJJ Revolution Team!

The BJJ REVOLUTION TEAM is a world's leading organization of jiu-jitsu athletes and professionals including jiu-jitsu students, jiu-jitsu trainers and instructors, martial arts school instructors and business owners. These pros coach, train and influence millions of health-minded people each year.

The purpose of the BJJ REVOLUTION TEAM is to facilitate the continuous improvement of affiliated schools and practitioners through a proven system of training methods and belt rank systems.

The BJJ REVOLUTION TEAM affiliation program is designed to enrich the lives of instructors and students by providing them the opportunity to refine, advance, and evolve their skill sets and experience in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Self Defense across the United States and overseas. The association will conduct business in a way that is responsible and responsive to the needs, goals, and desires of our members in continuous efforts of achieving excellence.

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