Black Belts & Certified Instructors

The BJJ REVOLUTION TEAM emphasizes that guidelines and instructions should be given with great affection, respect and encouragement, not with criticism.

It is our goal to establish ourselves as the authority of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and maintain an admirable reputation among all associated schools, instructors, and students.
The most important traits are loyalty and integrity. An instructor should teach with enthusiasm and bring value to all students.

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BJJ Revolution Team Black Belts

Julio Cesar “Foca” Fernandez Nunes, 7th Degree Coral Belt, 1988, Carlson Gracie Sr.
Rodrigo Medeiros, 6th Degree, 1996, Carlson Gracie Sr.
Bob Hugus, 4th Degree, 2002
Koji Murakami, 4th Degree, 2002
Sue Arbogast, 4th Degree, 2003
Mike Pologruto, 3rd Degree, 2004
Tim Credeur, 3rd Degree, 2005
Eric Burdo, 3rd Degree, 2007
Andrew Smith, 3rd Degree, 2008
Jeff Messina, 3rd Degree, 2008
Jarrett Church, 3rd Degree, 2009
David Quinlan, 3rd Degree, 2009
Andy Ryan, 2nd Degree, 2011
Trey Martin, 2nd Degree, 2011
James Quan, 2nd Degree, 2011
Shawn Gayton, 2nd Degree, 2011
Brandon Powell, 2nd Degree, 2012
Dimitri Chrisos, 2nd Degree, 2012
Dee Smith, 2nd Degree, 2013
Fergal Quinlan, 2nd Degree, 2013
Dylan Dearborn, 2nd Degree, 2013
John Bruss, 2nd Degree, 2013
Josh Roth, 2nd Degree, 2014
Edward Anthony, 1st Degree, 2015
Joseph Indelicato, 1st Degree, 2015
Liz Sussan, 1st Degree, 2016
Ben Malmberg, 1st Degree, 2017
Anthony McBee, Black Belt, 2019

BJJ Revolution Team Certified Instructors

Ray Rogers, AZ
Christian Fulgium, LA
Darren DeSalvo, LA
Eric Scallon, LA
Heath Henry, LA
Jared Conques, LA
Larry Bernard, LA
Shaun Rook, LA
John Sanders, NH
Brad Gardner, PA
Alex Lane, TX
Angelus McFarlane, TX
Dinko Bektic, TX
Johnny Naranjo, TX
Lance Yager, TX
Robert Lee, TX
Zach Hunter, TX
Scott Dance, VA
Dennis Kelly, Melburne, Australia
Ryan Barry, Australia
Caique Loyolla, Hong-Kong
Fabio Bastos, Hong-Kong
Marcus “Kiko” Cacella, Hong-Kong
Peter Lavery, Belfast, Ireland